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I started treatments with Rochelle when I came down with Bell’s palsy. She started doing facial massages to help relieve the nerve paralysis in my face. Thankfully, the Bell’s Palsy only lasted two weeks, and I truly believe the treatments helped tremendously in reducing the symptoms caused by this condition. I now continue to see her for therapeutic and hot stone massages to help relieve the stresses of being a dental assistant. She is very thorough and always knows where my trouble spots are. Not only is she very thorough, but very friendly, professional and easy to talk to. Rochelle is a great massage therapist and a great friend, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of a great massage.
– Kelli S. from Hurst, TX

Working at a computer 40 hours a week takes a toll and often results in my shoulders and back feeling very tight. After getting regular massage at Jera Massage for the past several years, I cannot express the difference in my ability to feel relaxed, sleep well, and an overall sense of well-being. I did not fully realize the collected stress I was carrying in my body until I experienced the powerful benefits regular massage. You will not find a more intuitive, capable and professional massage therapist!
– Ann H. from Plano, TX

I was given Rochelle’s name by my dental hygienist after I complained of chronic neck pain, headaches and TMJ problems. As a physical therapist, I know the fundamentals to treat myself, but self-massage can be tricky and certainly not as successful as receiving massage from a skilled therapist. Also, I am more critical of massage therapists and their knowledge of the human body as a result of my occupation. Rochelle is amazing! She has wonderful hands and even more impressive technique. After receiving several deep tissue massages from Rochelle, my neck spasms have almost gone completely, my headaches have decreased, and I generally feel better. What Rochelle does with her hands can hardly be called massage in the general sense. She is a master technician of her skill!
– Jenny M. from Allen, TX

My business requires me to spend many hours working on my computer. The special deep tissue massage offered by Rochelle has helped loosen my tight shoulders, neck and back significantly. I look forward to my massage times as a break from my busy day.
– Diana Z.

I am a full-time graduate student and full-time American Sign Language teacher to adolescents, and I have signed for the deaf for the past nine years. In living out my passion and achieving a new dream of becoming a counselor for the deaf and hearing population, I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in my knees, back and hands. I also have temporomandibular joint disorder in my jaws. Throughout all of this, I have been able to go to Rochelle for relief and pain management. She has been able to pin point what is causing the pain and help me identify precursors to my “bad days.” She has educated me on things my doctor did not and helped me understand my body better. When my doctors push for more shots, pain killers and steroids, the amazing affects of massage therapy help me function well enough to continue teaching and move along in my studies without more harmful chemicals. There have been days when I could not open the door to my house, but then Rochelle would come to my rescue and “fix” my hand. Anyone suffering with an auto-immune disease should see what the healing powers of massage therapy can do for you!
– Jennifer M. from McKinney, TX

As a dental hygienist, I sit in a very awkward position all day at work no matter how ergonomically correct I am. I also live a pretty active lifestyle, and I have multiple sclerosis, which can be debilitating, and causes daily fatigue and depression/anxiety. I have found that with weekly deep tissue massages I am able to live a much happier and less stressful life. Rochelle knows my body; she can tell when a certain muscle or muscle group is tighter than the last time I saw her and we start troubleshooting to pinpoint what I have been doing in order to cause this. Rochelle knows exactly what to do to release tension in the muscles. She makes very helpful suggestions about different stretches, products and things that will make my life much easier. I honestly can not say enough about Rochelle, and I will be a very loyal client to her until the day she retires.
– Stephanie Z. from Frisco, TX

Rochelle is terrific! She has helped me tremendously with my fibromyalgia, edema, my low back pain and other muscle aches. She’s caring and listens to what I need. Because I go to her on a regular basis, my muscles “release” faster and easier. I recommend her to anyone.
– Rhonda G. from Allen, TX

I met Rochelle two years ago when I booked a deep tissue massage. I had a few areas I needed worked on in my shoulders and upper back. Her knowledge base of the anatomy of the body led me to begin a schedule of preventative care. Wow! An aha moment! In order to be in tip-top shape, I practice yoga and pilates mat and reformer, and I’m married to an executive, so mainly all parental assignment for my pre-teen and teenager is managed by me. Even with all this, I’m able to maintain a healthy lifestyle by working with Rochelle, and I have greatly benefited from her knowledge and physical touch. When I hurt my shoulder in a snow-skiing fall, my doctor could not find the source of the pain, but Rochelle did. Her extensive schooling really and truly make her the best!
– Victoria J. from Fairview, TX

Working as an IT professional, I spend many hours in front of the computer. Rochelle has been my massage therapist for several years now. I emphasize the word “therapist” because she is able to address many of the health issues that previously caused significant limitations in my daily life. Lymphatic drainage, targeted muscle relaxation and foot reflexology are the areas in which she has helped me the most. I budget for my sessions with Rochelle under the category of medical expenses, for my time with her is truly a medical necessity for me. I take less prescription drugs, live more healthy, and have felt able to be more physically active. Most importantly, I can play with my granddaughter and not be in pain! Rochelle is an experienced, holistic practitioner with a wealth of knowledge about the body.
– Cathy G. from Little Elm, TX

I’ve known Rochelle since our freshman year in college, and if there is someone more dedicated to maintaining a very high personal and professional ethical standard, I have yet to meet them. I’ve seen firsthand how passionate she is about using her massage and holistic treatment skills to help people live healthier lives. Rochelle has saved me several thousand dollars in medical bills by solving neck and back issues I originally thought would require treatment by an orthopedist. She knows what she’s doing, she knows what her clients need, and she’ll do everything she can to make sure those needs are met. She has my highest recommendation.
– Jake P. from McKinney, TX

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